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Retiring this blog

Just wanted to give our followers a head’s up that we’ll be retiring this Tumblr account as a blog for site information. Moving forward, all site news will be available on the sites themselves via the “since you been gone”. The blog will remain up until we get all of the old posts moved over.

After that, we’ll probably just go back to reblogging doge pictures. ;)

Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays from Gravity Boulevard!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the Gravity Boulevard. We recently sent out a bunch of cards and stickers to the folks that have logged into every day for a year and some of those OG’s that have been on the site since the get go. Just our way to saying “thank you” this holiday season. Cheers!




p.s. Sorry about the repost, I didn’t realize that photosets were never finished in our layout… whoops O_o

Inbox Redux

Just pushed the latest iteration of the inbox. This update adds the user’s photo and makes the inbox look more like the other mailboxes (like the @mentions box).

"Why?" you ask? Because we wanted to bring a more consistent look and feel to all of the mailboxes before launching a more mobile friendly version of the inbox itself. Now that all the mailboxes are matchy matchy we can proceed with these efforts into the mobile terrain.

If you are on iPhone or iPod you will be one of the first to see the new inbox in the next week or so, be on the look out :)

New Badges

Added a handful of new “holiday” badges and retroactively issued them. They include Arbor Day, Star Wars Day, Cinco de Mayo, Pac-Man’s Birthday, Fourth of July (‘MURICA!), Bastille Day, Guy Fawkes Night, Thanksgiving and Black Friday! We also added a Leap Year Day badge, but may drop it since it’s only available once every 4 years (makes it nearly unattainable).

In addition to the new badges, we’re working on an automated badge issue system much like the non-holiday badges work. This means no more wondering why you logged in on a specific day and didn’t immediately get the badge.

We’ve also gotten some great suggestions over on the SK Feedback Group to add in some additional notifications when badges are issued (both to you and to your friends via the dashboard).

Speaking of the feedback group, thanks to everyone that’s been sending us feedback, we do listen and take great pride in enhancing our sites based on this feedback. We definitely have our listening ears on, so don’t be shy!

Cracking down on spam bots had a lovely side effect…

So if you were on SceneKids between 5 and 8am on Friday you probably noticed an unusual amount of friends requests and questions and a spamming of messages. Seems we were hit with some script kiddies that wrote some bots for our sites. It would have went undetected if there wasn’t so many new accounts set up (upwards of 10k accounts).

Since then we’ve cracked down on bot sign ups by including a CAPTCHA on sign up and some additional internal triggers and alerts and have cleaned up the accounts that were created. Luckily it probably took us less time to clean up and combat the issue than it did to write the bot. Hopefully we won’t have to deal with too much of this moving forward :)

The lively side effect from all of this is that some of the new triggers in place are alerting us to users with multiple accounts (a violation of our Terms of Service) and has helped us to clean up the situations where a single person is manning a handful of accounts. What this also means is we are in fact deleting fakes, not because they are fake but because they are violating TOS by having the additional accounts.

Now the users are being warned when signing up, so it shouldn’t be any surprise to anyone that’s had their account terminated in the last few days.

Happy Veteran’s Day!

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